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Traditional children's portraiture

Kate Phelps Photography is dedicated to timeless imagery. I am excited to offer these heirloom vignettes.


Don't we always feel like we'll have more time?  We think our little chubby baby will stay that little a while longer, or our snaggle toothed first grader won’t grow up too fast. But life moves fast. One day you're dropping them off for the first day of kindergarten, and then we blink and they're walking across the stage to accept their diplomas, ready to take on the world. 

When you commission an heirloom portrait of your child, you are trusting me to press pause on a moment that will soon be gone. It is such an honor and responsibility! That is why I am passionate to create art that will outlive us all and will cherished by your great-grandchildren one day.


It’s so important to capture your children in a way that is timeless - because this is your history and their legacy. 

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your heirloom portraits should be

Timeless.Classic. Memorable.

why Kate phelps photography

1.Portrait settings are done in studio under "studio lights" which creates consistent lighting and results for each and every portrait. I love capturing the sweet twinkle in your child's eyes, and all of their precious expressions.


2.Color images are edited with soft, heirloom tones and creamy skin so that your final portrait stands the test of time.


3.I use a very subtle vignette effect, to ensure that you have a seamless, beautiful final portrait to frame and display as art in your home

4.Need help with finding the perfect outfit? You will receive a prep guide for your session. It goes over amazing tips + outfit suggestions to ensure you have the best session possible. 



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