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Kate Phelps walking outdoors.

    There’s something    
  about capturing memories.


The Kate Phelps Experience: At both your engagement session and wedding day, we want your experience to feel like a date ... organic, romantic, and natural. My team's cameras never leave our faces as my team and I document real, beautiful moments. My style is simply focused on creating stunning, timeless portraits.

wedding collection

Yay! You're engaged time to start planning your dream wedding day and I would love to be apart of it.


Starting rate $4,000 for 8 hours. 

Kids at a wedding.


A beautiful bride.


A loving family.


"Kate certainly makes it easy to smile! She is so              &                    with kids.  She does a fantastic job!


We                every photo taken and can't wait to book our next session. she is our forever photographer."

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