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The Breakers Maternity Shoot

Ring ring - paradise is calling!

When Chelsea proposed the idea of taking her maternity photos at The Breakers, I was immediately on board. I am always down for a destination and Palm Beach is one of my favorite vacation spots so I knew these photos were going to be simply ~ iconic.

Chelsea brought both the vision and the LOOKS for the most fabulous maternity photos.

Her first outfit was a stunning one shoulder white jumpsuit with a long cape on one side. The Breakers provided the most picturesque backdrop complete with a breathtaking beach view and gorgeous architecture.

Her next outfit was a sassy baby blue pant suit in honor of her sweet baby boy, Kip! These photos speak for themselves - absolute mom goals!

I highly suggest choosing a location and outfits that make you feel the most confident as your prepare to bring your sweet new addition into this world.

Have any questions for me? I can't wait to chat!



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